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I get error on load due to unexpected files
Last Updated 3 years ago

Normally only the plugins folder where the motion file is located, would contains other files and medias. Some Folder may only have medias and they are handled even if not visible in FCPX. 

But you may have sometimes in parent folder, some files that should not be there, as parent folder should be empty. Except some documentation help file, or hidden version information from the plugins installer, it was not seen case where those file are used.

Because FCPX Manager would not be sure what to do with those unexpected file, it will warn you and lock the full folder and below folders as a "package". This mean you would not be able to go deeper in the enable/disable of sub level plugins.

You can either delete the file if they are not needed to allow FCPX Manager to continue scanning, or manually by pass (each time) and contact support to request an analysis of the plugins. You will need to send the log file, and add your email address in comment. You can create a ticket or wait support response to the log push (if your email is correct !). If you don't have a response, create a ticket.

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